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This domain hosts a collection of cryptocurrency tools

Content on this domain will be migrated over to my new company's website, P Rizz Ventures LLC.

IOTA Tools

Address Utilities (GitHub Pages) (Source Code)

Easily creates and verifies IOTA Address checksums

Buy Strategy (GitHub Pages) (Source Code)

Generates strategies for buying IOTA based on currency prices

Seed Encryptor/Decryptor (GitHub Pages) (Source Code)

Encrypts and decrypts your IOTA seeds. I recommend downloading the webapp for offline usage.

Transaction Spammer (http - access to more nodes) (GitHub Pages) (Source Code)

Spams the network with transactions to help speed up confirmations

My IOTA Balance (http - access to more nodes) (GitHub Pages) (Source Code)

Retrieves your balances using just your public IOTA addresses and allows for easy re-retrieval with bookmarks

Third Party IOTA Tools

IOTA Reattacher (Credit to normpad) (http - access to more nodes) (GitHub Pages) (Source Code)

Reattaches valuable transactions automatically

Open IOTA - (Created by lsquires@GitHub, modified by myself) (http - access to more nodes) (Source Code)

Open Source IOTA Tangle Explorer

IOTA Tangle Explorers

Open IOTA - (Created by lsquires@GitHub, modified by myself) (http - access to more nodes) (Source Code)

IOTA Search

The Tangle

IOTA Tangle

IOTA Tips Broken as of 2017-11-7

Monero Tools

Monero Donator (GitHub Pages) (Source Code)

A webpage you can customize and share to receive Monero mining donations

Informational Resources

Official IOTA Website

Official IOTA Blog

Official IOTA GitHub Organization

Official IOTA Slack Channel

Official IOTA Twitter

IOTA Subreddit (I am pRizzAtGitHub)

IOTA on Coin Market Cap

IOTA on Crypto Compare

Informational IOTA Support

IOTA Index

List of Public IOTA Nodes

Showcase of IOTA Projects

Other Useful IOTA Tools

IOTA Dance Tools

IOTA Cool - Network Statistics and Explorer

IOTA Balance Checker

IOTA Peer Manager

Pay IOTA - A payment gateway for IOTA (Source Code)

IOTA Tip Bot on Reddit

3D Tangle Visualizer

IOTA Command Line Wallet

IOTA Faucet - Get some IOTA for free

IOTA Nodes - A 3D view of the world, showing where IOTA nodes reside

IOTA Price Chart

Mine IOTA in the Web Browser

Another IOTA miner

Exchanges Listing IOTA

Bitfinex (Hong Kong exchange; does not allow US customers)

Binance (Chinese exchange)

OKEX (Chinese exchange; limited supported customer countries; see entire list at their website)

coinone (Korean exchange; only Korean customers)

CoinFalcon (European exchange; does not allow US customers)

If you want your tool or website listed here, message me on the IOTA Slack (Peter Ryszkiewicz) or Reddit pRizzAtGitHub


This website is hosted by Peter Ryszkiewicz (pRizz@GitHub), software engineer in Chicago, IL.